About forum

Health Tourism Future forum

The Health Tourism Future Forum is a prestigious international event dedicated to addressing the current opportunities and challenges within the healthcare and health tourism industries. Designed to foster knowledge-sharing among academics, professionals, and industry stakeholders, this forum serves as a platform for advancing healthcare sectors and services. By showcasing the latest developments and trends, the event creates opportunities for investment and facilitates networking between buyers and providers of world-class health and health tourism services.

The most prominent target sectors

Airlines and transportation companies
Governmental and private medical referral offices
Wellness & spa
Medical Insurance Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Ministries of health and tourism
Embassies and tourism agencies
Hospitals and medical clinics
Tourism Companies and Offices
Medical Device Companies
Physiotherapy & sports medicine centers
Technology and communication companies
International Hotels and resorts
Health Tourism websites and applications

Tailored Unique Experience to the participants in HTF

HTF provides a specialized enterprise environment through individual business meetings and educational workshops targeting decision-makers in this industry who wish to establish partnerships with healthcare solutions providers and conclude agreements with different industries. 


The Exhibition

An international trade fair includes a group of local and international solution, service and product providers, providing business solutions for all sectors, effectively serving the business -to-customer  (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) sectors. The exhibition aims to share the world’s best solution providers who can provide world class services to the large-scale qualified and carefully selected buyers. The exhibition also focuses on highlighting the enormous capabilities of the Kingdom through a selection of participations represented in the government sector, such as the Health and Tourism Ministries all over the world, in addition to the active participation of the private sector from hospitals, medical centers, insurance, travel and tourism companies and relevant sectors.       

The Conference

The conference attracts participants from specialists in the health tourism industry and related sectors around the world, seeking to gather decision-makers and influencers in this industry. 

Participants in this conference will have opportunity to listen to success stories in the industry, share experiences and build a network of relationships with many prominent participants in addition to getting acquainted with the latest global developments in this sector through this global event. 

conference subjects

The conference will focus on the health tourism and health travel market with the aim of educating, discussing, improving and ensuring the future development of the health tourism industry and increasing the effectiveness of public standards of healthcare and wellness nationally and worldwide.
Key topics include:

  • Ethics of practicing health professions in the health tourism system and health care globally.

  • Legal issues for international healthcare and health tourism.

  • Ethics of practicing health professions in the health tourism system and health care globally.

  • Health travel topics.

  • Innovative medical treatment methods and surgical techniques.

  • Excellence in International Patient Revenue.

  • Provide comprehensive, innovative and integrated care for better outcomes.

  • The patient’s journey in health tourism.

  • Comparing the government healthcare system vs. the private healthcare system.

  • Qualifying travel agencies to become agencies to coordinate health tourism.

  • Healthcare efficiency through technology.

  • Destination Marketing

Hosted Buyers Program

They qualify for an invitation and the summit will cover their travel expenses, subject to specific criteria that highlight their effectiveness in promoting medical tourism programs and facilitating connections with service providers and solutions during both one-on-one and public sessions.

Buyers are divided into five main categories:
  • Health Ministries
    (Patient Referral Offices for Overseas Treatment)

  • Insurance Companies

  • Multinational Corporations
    (Employee Referral Offices for Overseas Treatment

  • Travel Agencies Specialized in Promoting Medical Tourism

  • Investment and Development Entities in the Healthcare Sector (Seeking  Promising Opportunities Worldwide)

This program focuses on attracting private buyers from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Russian-speaking Islamic countries to meet with top solution providers from around the world, ensuring that all buyers are pre-qualified on a wide scale.