Health Tourism Club was established as a non-profit and registered entity in accordance with the Law of Associations and Civil Institutions issued by Royal Decree No. (M/8) dated 19/2/1437 Hijri and its executive regulations. The club is interested in highlighting the Kingdom’s capabilities in the field of health and health tourism, organizing promotional events for health tourism, introducing destinations and health and tourism service providers, and enhancing the international visitor experience.

Providing specialized training courses and workshops for those interested and working in the health and tourism sector and launching a guide to health tourism in the Kingdom, which includes information about all health and tourism service providers and destinations in all regions of the Kingdom.

Health Tourism Association (HTA)

The Health Tourism Association was established based on thirteen of the Executive Regulations of the Civil Associations and Institutions System issued by the decision of the Board of Directors of the National Center for Non-Profit Sector Development No. (T/2/2023 AD) dated (01/04/2023 AD). Registration of the Health Tourism Association in Riyadh No. 100057900 dated 08/19/1445.


To be a reliable and capable reference for health tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


To link all relevant parties in the tourism and health sectors and to promote the Kingdom as a leading destination for health tourism by providing high-quality services and improving the experience of beneficiaries of the sector.

Strategic Goals
  • Raising awareness of the benefits and importance of health tourism
  • Introducing the infrastructure and capabilities of the health and tourism sector
  • Building strategic partnerships with leading entities in the sector globally and locally
  • Promoting the Kingdom as a leading destination in health tourism
  • Building specialized professional capabilities and skills in the health tourism sector
  • Providing an interactive platform which allows contribution and attraction of investment projects in the field of health tourism
  • Trust (credibility, commitment, reliability, transparency)
  • Neutrality (independence, integrity)
  • Knowledge
  • Cooperation
  • Ambition (passion, innovation, diversity, excellence)

Awareness and media | Training and capacity building | Investment

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