About forum

Health Tourism Future forum

The Health Tourism Future Forum is a prestigious international event dedicated to addressing the current opportunities and challenges within the healthcare and health tourism industries. Designed to foster knowledge-sharing among academics, professionals, and industry stakeholders, this forum serves as a platform for advancing healthcare sectors and services. By showcasing the latest developments and trends, the event creates opportunities for investment and facilitates networking between buyers and providers of world-class health and health tourism services.

The most prominent target sectors

Airlines and transportation companies
Governmental and private medical referral offices
Wellness & spa
Medical Insurance Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies
Ministries of health and tourism
Embassies and tourism agencies
Hospitals and medical clinics
Tourism Companies and Offices
Medical Device Companies
Physiotherapy & sports medicine centers
Technology and communication companies
International Hotels and resorts
Health Tourism websites and applications

Tailored Unique Experience to the participants in HTF

HTF provides a specialized enterprise environment through individual business meetings and educational workshops targeting decision-makers in this industry who wish to establish partnerships with healthcare solutions providers and conclude agreements with different industries.